Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ashleigh's card

This is being posted by "mom"...

We haven't shared on here yet, but we are going to be moving during the summer. Daddy was transfered to a new area so we will be selling our house and buying a new house about 5 miles south (but still in Florida). So we have been a little busy with Daddy starting in his new area and having to clear out some stuff in our house.

Ansley is also a little intimidated by the I will be posting for her for a little while. She has been very busy stamping and making cards, but hasn't wanted to actually type out the posts.

She had a sleepover this weekend with her friend Asheigh and Ashleigh's younger sister Amelia. While they were here, they wanted to make a card for the Craft Monkey's Easter challenge this week. I will post them in 3 different posts since they don't have their own blog.

Here is Ashleigh's card...

Ashleigh is 7 years old.


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Tell your friend Ashleigh that her card is gorgeous, Her colouring is so neat and I love the colours she chose to colour bunny, I hope you had a fun sleepover, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Zoe said...

Tell Ashleigh That her card is pretty and I love her colouring.

Crissy Armstrong said...

Ashleigh did a fantastic job on this card! I love the bunny's tail and the soft grey color for the fur. Beautiful work!